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   China National Light Industrial Products Import and Export Corporation ( hereinafter referred to as "the Corporation"), under the jurisdiction of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, is one of the large foreign trade enterprises of the Chinese Central Government, with its operating scale and business strength listed among the best of the light industrial products import and export enterprises in China.

  The Corporation has always ranked up front among the top 500 import and export firms throughout China.

   The Corporation has vigorously ushered in China's reform and opening up, has given play to intrinsic personnel, fund and channel advantages and, in the light of the market economy, has made great efforts to seize business opportunities to expand space for development and to pursue high-quality growth. Meanwhile, in accordance with the requirements of the modern business system, the Corporation has taken the initiative in transforming its operational mechanisms and has made considerable progress in restructuring the organization, optimizing resources and strengthening administration.

   "The Chinalight"brands have been a mixture of good business reputation won by the Corporation over fifty years and have exerted an extensive influence in the business circles.

   On the basis of its development strategies, the Corporation has taken vigorous action to carry out industrialized and diversified operations to constantly extend toward the midstream and upstream of the growing industries. The Corporation has expanded its business from the developed countries to the rising markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Successful operation conducted by the Corporation has given rise to a flourishing business and the operating strength of the Corporation has improved steadily. At present, the Corporation has registered an annual turnover of more than 7 billion yuan, with the import and export business reaching more than 800 million US dollars. The Corporation has 17 entirely-owned subsidiaries, 4 holding companies and dozens of holding and jointly-operated production enterprises, as well as 10 entirely-owned overseas firms and joint ventures.

   The Corporation has attached great importance to business management and has positively pushed itself to be geared to international standards. The Corporation and its subsidiaries have all passed ISO9001: 2000, the international quality control certification system.

   The Corporation has laid much emphasis on the construction of business culture. ?ontinually pursuing new ideals ? the cardinal principle of business culture, is becoming the mentality consciously pursued by all workers and staff members of the Corporation.

   Based on its development strategies, the Corporation will, within several years to come, turn into an internationally competitive large-scale business group, one that integrates trade with industries, conforms to the requirements of the modern business system with outstanding business items, and owns excellent ranks of competent people and advanced business culture.

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