CHINALIGHT Shanghai Import & Export Corp.
Guangzhou CHINALIGHT Import & Export Corp.
CHINALIGHT Shenzhen Import & Export Co., Ltd.
CHINALIGHT Haikou Import & Export Corp.
CHINALIGHT Dalian Import & Export Corp.


Business scope:          
  • Import and Export business and agent business of imports and exports.
  • Sino-foreign joint operation, co-production and processing with supplied materials and according to supplied samples, assembly of supplied components and compensation trade.
  • Conducting counter trade and entrepot trade.
  • Conducting domestic sales of self-managed import commodities and import commodities of barter trade.
  • Domestic sales of China-made products for replacing imports and foreign trade commodities.
Shanghai TEL: +86-21-63177067 FAX: +86-21-63179602
Guangzhou TEL: +86-20-87787304 FAX: +86-20-87787307
Shenzhen TEL: +86-755-5423053 FAX: +86-755-5520085
Haikou TEL: +86-898-5885349 FAX: +86-899-5890455
Dalian TEL: +86-411-2816296 FAX: +86-411-2819497
Mail to: [email protected]
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