CHINALIGHT Real Estate Co., Ltd.


CHINALIGHT  Real Estate Co., Ltd., a proprietary limited company, is set up in accordance with the new company act with China National Light Industrial Products Import & Export Corporation as its holding company and a registered capital of RMB ten million. The company is specially involved in industrialization and diversified business.

CHINALIGHT  Real Estate Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for planning, construction, management and administration of CHINALIGHT's real estate investment. Being a specialized subsidiary, the company is in charge of the investment planning, feasibility  proof, working out implementation plan for the head office at the preparatory stage of a project; while during the performance stage, organizing and supervising the implementation of the investment plan on behalf of the head office so as to ensure the success of the investment plan; lastly, in order to guarantee the investment effectiveness, the company is entrusted by the head office for running and managing the real estate of the head office.

Besides, CHINALIGHT  Real Estate Co., Ltd. also engages in developing society-oriented real estate investment projects either in the form of cooperation or joint-venture; being agency by agreement for both domestic and foreign customers to run and manage apartment, office towers and factories, etc.; providing information and consulting services in regards of real estate; undertaking both indoor and outdoor decoration; as well as dealing with the general trade of daily necessities, hardware, electronic and chemical products, computer and its external equipment, metal materials, machinery and electronic appliance, building and decorative materials. And simultaneously engages in technical development, technical transfer, technical consultant and technical services in the above-mentioned areas.

Mail to: [email protected] TEL: +86-10-67747230 FAX: +86-10-67747225
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