China National Light Industrial Products
        Import & Export Technical Service Corporation


China National Light Industrial Products Imp. & Exp. Technical Service Corp. is an enterprise direct under CHINALIGHT, and of an economic entity of  independent legal status.


Business scope:  
  • Handles, and acts as agent for import and export business;
  • Undertakes sino-foreign joint management, cooperative production, processing business and compensation trade;
  • Participates in investment and industrial development;
  • Conducts after-sale service for import and export commodities, and organizes technical exchanges and training;
  • Handles domestic trade business.
Major Catalogs of Import and Export Commodities:
  1. Office equipment: duplicating machines, facsimile machines, blueprinting machines, telephone sets, typewriters and micro-computers;
  2. Household electrical appliances: TV sets, electric fans, lamp sets, electric irons, etc.;
  3. Stationery and sporting goods: toys, stationery, color films, tapes, sporting goods, arts and crafts;
  4. Footwear, headgear and garments;
  5. Suitcases, bags and safety products;
  6. Daily-use articles.


Mail to: [email protected] TEL: +86-10-67747290 FAX: +86-10-67747291
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